Geese gone

I saw a couple of birds on my walk I have yet to identify.  Nothing unusual there.  What was unusual was that I had walked well over a mile without seeing a single goose.  Usually folks here complain about geese hissing at them as they walk and goose guana everywhere.  They are also quite noisy.  Their absence made the lake seem very quiet.

When I did come up on a goose he neither moved nor hissed, even though I was close enough to goose him.  I assume he was to ill to travel with his or her compatriots.  As I neared the cove on the west end of our building a pair of geese slow paddled by.  Between them were four or five adolescent goslings.  It was kind of funny because the little ones heads were bobbing up and down rhythmically like teenagers listening to their iPods (TM).

The sky was blue with cirrus clouds smeared a little here and a little there.  Another great day.


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