Thumbdrives for Dummies

geek-menuYesterday, I provided a tool for using Install Pad with a custom app list to achieve thumbdrive dominion.  Easy enough for you, right?  But what about your less-than-a-total-geek friend or relative?  What they need is a lot easier installation process.  Let me help you help them.

What you’re going to do is put some files on their thumbdrive and then let them pick every little application their heart desires for automatic installation in their portable apps folder, okay?

  1. Right-click on this link and download it using ‘Save link (or target) as’.
  2. Unzip the contents to a blank thumbdrive.
  3. Run MakeMyThumbdrive.exe.  It will install and Install Pad and provide the choice of several other portable applications to be installed.
  4. When done, just delete ‘MakeMyThumbdrive.exe”’ and your non-geek/normal associate will have a power-packed thumbdrive – and owe you big time.
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