I've Started Digging Myself Into a Hole

TV Guide DVRNot content with turning my laptop into a home media center, I made the foolish decision to build my own video|music streamer for fun. Not being the brightest bulb, I thought I would just use an old hard drive I had left over from my Ubuntu Server experiment. I wanted to hedge my bets and have a computer with guts to do video editing and transcoding if it proved awkward as an htpc. So instead of the ubiquitous ion nvidia approach, I went with a Phenom II x3 on an Asus motherboard with GPU. The ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO AM3 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard has the 785G chipset for easy jujitsu on any high definition graphics. I plan to stuff this into a hecCompucase HTPC case.

I also bought a Sabrent multi-card reader and four gigs of DDR3 RAM.

So, anywho, I say to my buddy, “I’ve never built a computer before but how long can it take to put a few components together?” Well the case arrives yesterday and I go to install the old hdd and card reader. Only six screws are involved (the power supply has to be removed to get the hdd in its rack). About forty-five minutes later I’m “done.” But I’m looking at that hdd and realize. Crimony, that bugger is an IDE and I bet the mobo only has SATA. (Remarks about my intelligence go in the comments section below.) Sure enough I’m screwed.

So after I take that out (an adapter cost about $12 bucks and I can buy a little drive for less than $40) I will be driveless. A smarter man would wait to install the mobo and cpu until the new hdd arrives right? Not my plan. I’m going to stick a Class 6 SD card in the reader and try installing an operating system right onto it!

Well, I’ve never done this before and who knows how it will turn out but according to my tracking numbers the mobo and cpu are out for delivery and I am going to get something going today if I can. As suggested above, tips and mockery may be placed in the comments.

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