Nexus S

Just a quick note about the Nexus S.  I was a bit concerned that the contoured shape of Google’s new phone would make it impractical for riding in my front jeans’ pocket.  I stopped by the local Best Buy and played with it for a few minutes.  The contour is very slight and rests in my hand with the kind of heft and feel one expects from a fine tool.  It feels much heavier than my Incredible.  I feel quite confident I would be very happy to carry this sweetheart in my pocket all day.

The display was beautiful.  If you like the Galaxy S line, but aren’t so crazy about carrier or manufacturer user interface overlays, this is your phone.  I prefer my Google neat.  How cool would it be not only to have Gingerbread today, but know that, when Honeycomb comes out, your phone will be at the front of the line to receive it?

I have better than a year on my Incredible’s contract, but if I were buying a phone now, I believe this is the one I would buy.  Hopefully, by the time my contract is up, Google will be out with a Nexus 3 sporting dual processors and 4G.  Personally, I find the 4” AMOLED display to be the sweet spot of display sizes.  Shoot, by next year Samsung may have the brilliance of AMOLED combined with the resolution of the iPhone 4.  How cool would that be?

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