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Surface Fears

Yes, I am an Apple fanboy.  But I am also an Android fanboy.  And I am definitely a Microsoft fanboy.  One of those statements probably offended you.  Oops.  Sorry. I absolutely love Windows 7.  If I could get it on hardware … Continue reading

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XBMC’s September to Remember

XBMC is the software I use almost every day to watch TV. The artful presentation of metadata and simplified menus of recent builds make XMBC right up there with MS Excel as one of the most useful desktop apps. In … Continue reading

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Google Nexus 7

For Android fans afraid that I have gone over to the dark side when I chose an iPhone 5 over a Samsung Galaxy S III, maybe this will be some reassurance. A friend let me set up her Google Nexus … Continue reading

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Now or Nexus

If the rumors are true, the new Nexus will be arriving before Christmas.  I love the Android operating system and would probably own the current Nexus if it weren’t for one very important thing.  I use the camera on my … Continue reading

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Romantic Travel

No, I don’t mean romantic in the smoochy-smoochy sense.  I’m talking here about the romance of travel.  In playing around on Pinterest, I’ve learned something about myself.  In the real world, I want a first class seat on the biggest … Continue reading

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