Now or Nexus

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If the rumors are true, the new Nexus will be arriving before Christmas.  I love the Android operating system and would probably own the current Nexus if it weren’t for one very important thing.  I use the camera on my phone incessantly.  Why don’t you see more of my shots on Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+?  Because about 80% of those shots are taken for work.  I want to quickly document a setup in the lab for future reference.  Ah, my phone is right here.  Let me just stick it back into the equipment, twist it just so in that tiny opening and snap a pic.

The camera on the Nexus by most accounts is sub-par.  Since photos are such an important part of my phone that ruled the Nexus out despite its awesome integration of Google services and immediate access to Android upgrades.

So, why did I go with the iPhone?  As you may have noticed, in my earlier post, the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 duked it out for my dollars.  They came to a virtual dead heat.  The reason I went with the iPhone was that my old phone was pretty well kaput and I wanted a good phone now.  So, yes, I could have waited until late November or December for the new Nexus, but meanwhile I would be languishing with a messed up phone.   Maybe I’ll be kicking myself come Christmas, but so far I am thrilled with having another iOS device (besides our iPads) in the family.  The reason is very clear every time I take a picture.

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