Anniversary of the Revolution

On January 17, 1893, 114 years ago today, a group of mostly American businessmen in Hawaii deposed Queen Liluokilani without firing a shot.  While 150 marines and sailors did come ashore to protect the lives and property of US citizens they did not participate directly in the coup.  The citizens militia of about 1500 men were acting in response to the Queen’s announced intention of overthrowing the Bayonet Constitution previously imposed upon the Hawaiian monarchy and re-establishing her sovereignty over her nation.  Grover Cleveland refused to give in to the rebel’s request to become part of the US, which did not occur until 1898.  Of all US states, only Hawaii has been tribal, a monarchy, an independent republic, a territory, and finally a state.  There continues to be strong currents of desire among those of non-European ancestry for a return to their sovereign control over what became the 50th state.  What are your thoughts on the current sovereignty movement?

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