Bowl-icious New Year

No it wasn’t the Sugar Bowl, but West Virginia did manage to come back to beat Georgia Tech in the highest scoring Gator Bowl ever.  To top it off Penn State beat Tennessee and USC trounced Michigan.  I got a nice family picture for my office, spoke to my close friends and family by phone on New Year’s Eve and Day, and enjoyed a very nice New Year’s Eve neighborhood party.

Although, we still don’t understand what my brother’s illness is, he is able to work again.  I am living vicariously through Wayne’s garage construction project.  He is adding a four car (two bay) detached garage to his propery.  Above that will be a huge storage room.  It was an added benefit to being in Morgantown for Christmas to see progress on his garage construction.

The highlight of my holiday was seeing my son for the first time in over a year.  It will be even longer before I see him again.  He is being deployed to Korea in May.  Please keep him in your prayers.

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