Wiki Wiki

The shuttle at the Honolulu Airport is called the Wiki Wiki.  ‘Wiki’ means quickly.  Last weekend I posted a family wiki.   On the Community Portal page I placed phantom links to many of the descendants of my parents including spouses.   Two of the youngest family members had full blown web pages up about themselves within 24 hours.  Now that is wiki!

In case you’d like to try it yourself, I used MediaWiki software which is both free and open source.  It is the same software used by Wikipedia.  (Who knows maybe the experience we get on our family wiki will set us up for becoming contributors to Wikipedia.)  You’ll also need an MySQL database with tables dedicated to your wiki.  The good news is that some web hosts, like DreamHost, offer installers that take care of all the dirty work for you.

Why don’t you try it?  and do it wiki!

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