Daschled Against the Rocks

Our new president has nominated three tax cheats to key posts.  Two of them had the decency to withdraw their nominations.  One of them is now Secretary of the Treasury.  Since when did “change” mean “the same-old same-old”?  Ah, yes, when it was spoken by a politician.We understand that there is great work to be done and that the need is urgent, but please remember the wisdom of some of those old adages like “haste makes waste.”  Do not rush to throw billions at problems.  The previous administration and congress already proved how well that works.  Take a deep breath, grab a sharp pencil, hold your staff to the same standards of law that the rest of us must uphold, and lead us forward with wisdom and forethought.  We really need great leadership in this critical period of our history.  Show us how it’s done.

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