The Gateway Drugs

launchy_screenshot Friday I told you about the core programs I recommend in Supreme Software.  Among that list were three utilities that whisk you off to your desired program, folder, file, or website as effortlessly and quickly as the wiki-wiki at the Honolulu airport shuttles you between terminals.

I had heard a lot about Launchy, but had never given it a try until yesterday.  Now, I’m kicking myself pretty much like I did when I first moved from a canoe to a power boat.  What was I waiting for?  Anyway, I’m here now and offering to take you with me.

Launchy has an index of the shortcuts in your start file.   In other words, it knows what software has been installed on your computer.  It can do more, but this is it’s primary mission.  Start to type in the name of a program and it lists suggestions.  As soon as it gets it right hit enter and the application launches.  If you don’t like the first option, other suggestions will appear in the Launchy window.  Use your arrow key or click on one of those if you would rather go there.

Launchy has searches for Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and Amazon built in.  Just start to type the word (e.g., Google, Amazon) until it guesses what you want.  Hit tab then type what you are looking for.  Hit enter and away you go.

Honorable mention should go to Executor, Launchy’s main competitor.

Another gateway utility is the Google Quick Search Box from the Google Desktop.  I like a big clock and weather gadget on my desktop (and that’s it).  But the real reason to have Google Desktop is the Quick Search Box.  Finding files on your computer or searching the internet couldn’t be easier.  It requires a little extra effort in my opinion to launch applications (Launchy’s strong suit).  Ctrl-Ctrl and the box opens.  Start typing and then pick the suggestion closest to what you want.

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