Outraged by Outrage

I don’t like big government. I don’t like political messages in schools. But what really gets me steamed is people that don’t respect the office of President of the United States. Maybe we didn’t vote for Obama. Well, boo-hoo. President Obama won. He is the President elected by the country almost all of us claim to love. So, why the big stink about him telling kids to stay in school? For those who say he is proselytizing to his political views or indoctrinating kids, I say you’re full of bologna. There is nothing political about telling kids to stay in school. Who doesn’t agree with this? Get serious. The same crowd whining about this would be waving the flag if it was President Bush instead of President Obama. No, the outrage is due to people so cross-eyed with hate that they don’t realize that what they are teaching their children is to disrespect the office of President. What kind of values are those? Lead by example. Either you want a democracy, and the risk of being on the losing side from time to time, or you want a different form of government. Which is it? If you want democracy, then act like it. The example you set for your children today will play a large role in what the future of our system will look like.

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