TV Guide – A Streaming DVR

TV Guide DVRI love Hulu.  Sadly it doesn’t carry about five of the shows I watch on has it over Hulu in that it includes a viewing schedule with just the shows I’ve picked, but unlike Hulu it doesn’t notify me when there is something new or provide direct links to the fullest full episode.  TV Guide now is offering a “DVR” service.  Really it is a virtual DVR.  The service appears to be offering an easy means of accessing media through their viewer as a portal to Hulu and other actual hosts.  TV.Guide notifies you when a new episode of your shows is available and their access to shows is immediate.  Unlike, one isn’t require to click the show in the schedule and then hunt down the latest full episode available.

The menu is easy to navigate and attractive.  What could be better?  Well, it would be better if the view offered high definition.  In a random look at two shows I normally view in HD, only SD was offered.  I expect they’ll do a better job of preventing people from using backdoor techniques to download the source video very soon.  The good news is that now I receive notification when full episodes of all my shows are available for streaming.  If you are an early adopter, let me know your experience in the comments.  Will this be enough to wean you from the cable/satellite?

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