Droid Eris, Quit Smirking at Me

Maybe my wife hates me.  Maybe she hated hearing me boast about how my iPhone has this app or that one.  Maybe she got tired of hearing me say, “Oh, let me tell you the answer to your question” as I Googled the topics at parties.  (Oh, yeah, I’m definitely the geekiest guy there.)   So she took her perfectly good LG enV3 and washed it in the washing machine.  Then she went out and bought the phone I would have bought if I didn’t have this AT&T contract around my neck.  She bought the Droid Eris.

Now,  she is the one spouting off about how the house we just passed is selling for X-dollars (HotPads) or she just got an email from one of our kids while I’m driving us to church.  And, unlike my iPhone, she can watch internet TV streaming from TV.com or from NBC.com.  Even Apple’s computers choke on flash video according to Steve Jobs, who says it is one of the main reasons that his company’s computers crash.  But, that is only about 75% of internet video so it’s no big deal.

Syncing with iTunes?  Well she can drag and drop from iTunes, but then she can do that from any stinking folder she wants.  Oh, and free tethering using PdaNet, that’s no big deal, right?  For only $60 month I could do that with AT&T.  Maybe it isn’t quite as sleek as my iPhone, but it fits perfectly in my hand.  The tacky backplate helps me hang on longer when she tries to pry my fingers off and get her phone back.  I guess she won’t be dropping the Eris like I have the iPhone (which has broken twice because it slipped out of my hands).  Can anyone explain to me how I can add a memory card to my iPhone like she can to her phone?

But the good news is that I only have about 20 months left on my contract.  That’s only a little more than a year and a half I have to watch her doing that stupid victory dance.  I’d call her on my iPhone and tell her that her king-of-the-smart-phone-hill days are numbered, but I have AT&T so, you guessed it, I don’t get reception here.

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