Is iTunes the iPad's Achilles Heel?

Yes, I confess I didn’t want one and have been playing the role of hypocrite ever since my wife got one.  Like my iPhone the iPad interface just invites being caressed by my lustful fingers.  Touch here and I’m watching a movie.  Touch there and I’m reading a book.  Ooh, look.  Now I’m sifting through pictures from our vacation.  By combining the Dropbox and Goodreader apps Joy can even sync her files wirelessly.

What’s not to like? iTunes once again poses an issue.  Recently syncing the iPad to iTunes we experienced having all of my contacts merged with all of Joy’s contacts in her contact list (but not mine).  We had synchronized her iPad on this same iTunes several times without incident.  Then . . .

You’ve already heard me whine about iTunes shortcomings in the past so I won’t go into that here.  It amazes me that with all of their peripherals riding on the back of iTunes, Apple can’t put a little more effort into making iTunes perform.  The good news is that, under Advanced, there is an option to convert videos into an i-Pad/Pod/Phone/Touch compatible format for syncing.  So folks, back up those contacts and proceed with care.

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