Buyer's Remorse – A Woeful Tale

After reading Phone Arena’s review of the Samsung Vibrant, I have to admit I’m feeling “Incredible”-y remorseful for not waiting. I carry a great camera with me at all times (Sony HS5V Cybershot) and typically don’t post from my phone so the sub par camera performance doesn’t bother me. But how I envy those who are going to have a battery that lasts them all day without charging. Going to Europe? Just buy a SIM card there and swap it in and you’re practically a local. (A tipster on Google Buzz told me that is what he did for his daughter spending the summer in Italy.) Add in the sweet music player interface and iPhone-like fixed bottom row of icons for all screens and HDMI out and 720p video recording and . . .

Crap. Just 1 year and 11 months to go on my contract. (But maybe by then the U.S. will have one with a front-facing camera.)

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