MORE Hulu Commercials

clicker over Hulu FTWIs part of the move to Hulu Plus subscription service an increase in commercials on Hulu’s free service?   It would appear so.   I went to catch up on back episodes of Burn Notice and was ready to pull my hair out from all the commercials.    So, I did a quick search on Twitter and found that a lot of people are noticing the same thing.    This saddens me because I have been a frequent user of Hulu’s desktop app – I even have it as a menu item in my Windows Media Center.  It is clearly better looking than any of its competitors.

What really scares me is whether if I pay the ten bucks I will get the old level of commercials or the new higher number of commercials?    Thank goodness Clicker and Boxee offer other, better ways to view internet TV.   I have Boxee as a Media Center plug-in also and, like Clicker, Boxee gives me the choice of watching on the site of the source network.  XBMC ,this creates an opening for your great service to expand into internet TV.

I wonder how long it will be before the network websites increase the number of their commercials also.  Now, where is my Clicker app (for Android, please)?

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