Kindled a Dream

The Kindle amazes me. Everyone who ever had to watch a black & white TV knows full well that color is better. So why is it that the Kindle is my go-to device for reading? The display is easy on my eyes – I would argue that it is better than reading print. But I think a big part of it is that the Kindle is light and thin and “right” sized. Despite the screen being so much smaller than the iPad screen, I would rather hold this more diminutive reader. (There are persistent rumors to the effect that iPad 2 will be a 7″ tablet.) Well, as much as I love my wife’s iPad, the Kindle has caused me to dream of the day when a six or seven inch tablet (are you hearing me Samsung?) comes to market. Let it have functionality at least equal to my Droid Incredible and a battery life competitive with iPad (not that I would complain if it could pull off Kindle equivalents). Put a decent DoggCatcher level podcast catcher on there with Netflix, a Kindle app, and a webkit-based browser and offer it at a decent price and “Merry Christmas, Tommy.” Oh, and please can I have an ePub reader for ebooks from my library? I’ll be really good.

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