Google TV

I admit that I am a borderline Google fanboy.  I am quite interested in the upcoming Google TV and read today’s post from Google with great interest.  Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube?  Check.  Check.  Check.  Yes, they also have and Pandora.

My question is how are they going to compete with my Boxee experience.  Boxee on my PC doesn’t support Amazon VoD but it beautifully integrates the TV shows I stream with those I record locally.  (The Boxee Box will have Amazon VoD.)  The Boxee clicker app makes it easy to search for shows.  I get video feeds from my Facebook friends and can easily send videos I see on my computer to Boxee for viewing on the TV.

The user interface isn’t as slick as XBMC or iTunes or Windows Media Center but the functionality seems to be all there.  It would seem like the only way Google TV could compete with Boxee would be to make the user interface better and, let’s face it, that has never been Google’s strength has it?  So, I’m looking forward to seeing what Google TV has in store for us, but, so far, I remain skeptical.  See what Google has to say for itself and let me know your expectations in the comments.

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