iPad's First B'day

iPadRemember last year when I gave you a laundry list of all that is wrong with the iPad? Everything I said was true. But my conclusion was wrong.

The iPad will go down as a milestone in the evolution of consumer electronics. I have never seen a gadget with greater power to enthrall the non-geek. One might have to go back to the introduction of the television for an example. Apple’s success in the marketplace speaks far more eloquently than I ever could to the iPad’s appeal.

Yes, Apple spent a ton on advertising, but I have to believe that it was word of mouth (social media style) that accounts for the phenom that was the first iPad. Like a good movie your friend insists you have to see, enthusiasts have led one person after another to the Apple store. Of the millions who have purchased an iPad, I have heard precious few complaints.

Now, more than a year later, Google is finally ready to dip their toe into the water with the Xoom, rumored to come out next month. I believe that I would not have the awesome Android phone I enjoy today, if Apple hadn’t pioneered with the iPhone. If Android-Blackberry-Palm-Windows tablets ever penetrate the market, there is no doubt in my mind that the market that they penetrate will have been created by Apple. Get well and come back, Steve. The world delights in your innovative devices.

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