iPhone 4S

Well, the iPhone 4S will definitely merit a seat at the table when I’m weighing my next phone. The download speeds look great. Hopefully, their new antenna system will solve their antenna-gate issues. I like the longer battery life. I don’t like glass on both sides and the thickness of the phone both of which are carried over from the iPhone 4. I had been hoping the form factor would move more in the direction of the beautiful iPod touch. A big factor will be when I see the results of the first tests of the new 8MP camera. The old camera was awesome. I hope that the added pixels won’t up the noise in iPhone pictures. I already have voice commands on my Android. I’m not sure that Apple’s Siri will be a funcitonal improvement over that. I do expect to be in the Apple store next week for some hands on time. Are you buying what they’re selling?

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