New iPad with Old iPad Content-Settings

Are you passing on your old iPad or iPad 2 and getting the new iPad (aka iPad 3, 3rd generation iPad, etc)? You can save all your content into iTunes, erase the old iPad and pass it on completely wiped, and then put your old content and settings onto a new iPad. The person who gets your old iPad 2 can restore it to the backup from their iPad. I found great instructions from this MacWorld article. I put together the above video to show how it’s done. After all, we don’t want anything to interfere with how much we enjoy our new iPads now do we?

In our family, I’m getting the new iPad, my wife is swapping her iPad 1 for my iPad 2 (she didn’t want a new one). She is giving away her iPad 1 but she could have received Amazon credit for $162.50 had she chosen to do so.

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