Yoobao Smart iPad Cover

I tried the Belkin Pro Tri Fold and Photive iPad cases on my new iPad, but the autowake feature didn’t work consistently on either one. Neither these nor the many other covers I’ve seen are nearly as attractive as the Yoobao cover. The top grain leather on the Yoobao cover from Pyrus Electronics is far and away the best material I’ve seen on an iPad cover. It looks and smells like the hunt seat saddles with which I used to ride horses as a kid. However, the feel is much softer. It is a slim case that looks professional and protects the iPad well.

All ports and switches are accessible. The autowake works perfectly every time. Unfortunately, I have to take my iPad out of the case to fit the camera kit onto the iPad. The opening in the leather isn’t quite big enough for that. I would highly recommend this cover. It works like Apple’s smart cover but provides better coverage and looks more professional.

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