No Cloud But Still Producing

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Suddenly, Otixo has become a much more important service to me. It is convenient that has a web app that allows a user to easily copy a file from one cloud storage service to another. You can easily move a file from your Skydrive to your Google Drive, for example. But frankly I don’t need that service very much.

I like to do the majority of my computer work on my iPad. CloudOn is an awesome app that lets me use MS Office to edit files on my Google Drive and Dropbox, but only when my iPad is online. (Strangely, Skydrive is not an option even though it is an obvious pairing with MS Office.)

Offline, I have to use Pages and Numbers. The good news is that these apps let us store to a webdav server. Somehow, I had missed that Otixo offered a webdav server that links back to all of the cloud storage services previously linked to Otixo by a user. When I read this article on iPad Creative, I realized that I can easily upload any file to my iPad for offline editing. Later, when I’m reconnected, I can upload the edited file to any service. I can copy a file from Dropbox, go offline, edit the file, go online, and then copy the edited file to Skydrive, for example.

Now, I can do anything. I’m the king of the world. Wheee.

Source:  iPad Creative – iPad Creative – How to: Use Pages for iPad with Most Cloud Services.

Warning: Author has been known to exaggerate and think he is being funny.

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