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For Android fans afraid that I have gone over to the dark side when I chose an iPhone 5 over a Samsung Galaxy S III, maybe this will be some reassurance. A friend let me set up her Google Nexus 7 tablet over the weekend. I’ve played with HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz, but this was my first experience with plain old unskinned Jelly Bean Android. I’m not a big fan of TouchWiz. HTC Sense is better. Jelly Bean is the bomb.

This little tablet is slick. I got rid of the full page Google Magazine homescreen widget and replaced the homescreen with the usual widgets, folders, and apps. I removed all the Google Play crap in the row of apps that appear across the bottom of every homescreen as well. Very few people commonly need to access the store to buy movies, books, and apps. When she wants to do that, all of those apps and widgets are available from the app tray.

If the Google Nexus phone rumored to be announced any day, has hardware at least on a par with Galaxy S III, I fully expect to declare it king of the smartphones. I loved the interface and responsiveness of this little tablet. I loved the size also. I like to edit pictures and movies on my iPad when I’m on the road, otherwise I would actually prefer the Nexus 7 over the iPad. If the rumors are true, that a Nexus 7 with cellular service is coming out, this will also be a killer nav system when traveling by auto. For now, just tie it into your phone as a hotspot. The 7″ size is the sweet spot. The much anticipated iPad Mini, will have its hands full selling people on how it is better than a Nexus 7.

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