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I Learned a New Song

I didn’t really set out for this to be my weekend project. I was looking for a place to put my hymnal and casually thumbed through it. I noticed a signature with one sharp and knew that the key of G … Continue reading

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Goodbye Barack, I’ll Miss You

From the first time I heard him speak as a young congressman, I knew that he had something special. Not since the great Ronald Reagan had a politician been able to communicate in such an inspirational style. As a traditionally … Continue reading

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Tom’s 12 Days of Christmas Movies

I saw another list of recommended Christmas movies that started with that miserable excuse for a Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story”, and decided that I wanted to make my own list. Why am I qualified? Because no one else in … Continue reading

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Tom’s Best Tech of 2016

Amazon Fire HD 8 ($90 at Amazon) I have a longstanding antipathy toward the Fire ecosystem because it forces you to shop only through Amazon for your entertainment media. I am making an exception for the Fire HD 8 because it … Continue reading

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Islands in the Streaming

Yo, boys and girls, it is almost time for Thanksgiving. When Santa comes out in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade it is officially time to crank up the Christmas music. What better time to talk about how to make sure … Continue reading

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