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My Soul Sits on the Wall

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White Stuff

When my little dog, Moku, decided it was time to go out this morning, sleet had just begun to fall.  By the time I left for work, the snow was piling up (by North Carolina standards).  The main driving lanes … Continue reading

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Anniversary of the Revolution

On January 17, 1893, 114 years ago today, a group of mostly American businessmen in Hawaii deposed Queen Liluokilani without firing a shot.  While 150 marines and sailors did come ashore to protect the lives and property of US citizens … Continue reading

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Don't Kick the Habit

As I prepared for work this morning, I thought about something that has brought me great comfort in life.  Every culture has their rituals.  As a free church guy I always heard a lot of grumbling about the "empty rituals" … Continue reading

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The Lake (again)

We had a bit of rain this morning which had the ground soaked and the lake level almost up to the trail.  Although I waded through a flock of juncos early on, the area was strangely silent and my expectations … Continue reading

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