Now it gets interesting

I’m slowly coming around.  I don’t miss the west coast so much that I feel like crying when I think about our move anymore.  This Saturday Joy and I will pick up our "new" 17-year-old boat.  She is a 32′ Carver Mariner out of New York.  Joy is itching to get her cleaning supplies aboard and give the boat a good scrubbing.  I can’t wait to play with the new GPS chartplotter.  Moku seems to like boating more than riding in the car.

Some folks are mountain folks, some are house, some are yard (Joy?), some are dessert (my bro), but I am all about water.  The ocean is the best, but I get off on anything from a decorative fountain or aquarium on one end to a long-breaking wave on a sandy point on the other.  Words cannot express how excited I am that we will be spending our weekends on the water, now.

I hope the weekend holds something special for all who read this.  God bless.

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