A New Home

Other than teaching and preaching, most of my jobs have been little more than labor exchanged for living expenses.  Here at the EPA things have been better than that.  I love nature and it makes me feel good to be involved in practical activities directed at saving our environment.  It was a wee bit on the cool side today and I opted to walk indoors which resulted in my touring buildings A and B (on the far end of the complex from my building).

For Earth Day there was a band playing in the atrium.  A group of old (my age) geezers with their hair worn in the style of the sixties and their outfits just as retro.  These graybeards were rockin’ out the tune “Why Don’t You Admit You’re Addicted to Oil.”  They had all the choreographed hand motions and their musicianship was very good.  They’re children (and maybe grandchildren) would have been embarassed to death.  It put a smile on my face to think that these were the kind of folk I was working with.

Hope your day at work is just as fulfilling.  Time for me to get back to my MSATs, HAPs, and other toxics.  Have a good one!

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