Politics and the Press

I have finally come up with a combination that affords me the privilege of being an informed voter without the overload and spinning that comes from my previously obsessive media exposure.   Here is my very simple approach.

1. Watch debates on C-Span.  No commentary – just candidates representing their own views.  I don’t care about polls or who has to prove what to someone else.  I know the issues I care about and my vote is the only vote for which I am responsible.

2. Find out whether what was said was factual or misleading.  I do this by a quick trip to FactCheck.org.   This is one of the few sources that minimizes their spin.

Just in case someone besides myself was looking for a way to endure till the election without putting their head in the sand, I thought I would pass on my little political strategy.

Listen and Learn (see the 2 steps above)

Ponder and Pray

Decide and Vote

How do you cope with the political season?

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