Books: A Review

I forget where I saw it talked up.  I think it was USA Today.  With a name like Books: A Memoir,I didn’t need much encouragement.  I am a lifelong bibliophile and eagerly placed my name on the waiting list at the library.  As soon as I finished Seaview Inn, the book which I had been reading, I dove into Books.  The first few pages offered hope of entertainment, hope of a shared passion with a kindred spirit.  By the end of chapter 1, McMurty had slipped into a "I found this book at this store, I bought it, I sold it, a book like it later sold for $$$$" mantra that bored the socks off of me.  For a bookman and author of fiction Larry McMurty came across as a surprisingly shallow, dead letter sans living spirit, kind of guy.  I gave up by page 60.

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