Boxee Responds to NBC

Boxee Blog » Boxee responds to NBC’s Jeff Zucker.  In case you haven’t heard, the reason Hulu-NBC has been messing around with Boxee’s access is because their CEO, Jeff Zucker,  is a schmuck surrounded by lawyers and kiss ups who are also schmucks.  Since when is watching Hulu through a specific browser illegal?  As mentioned in my previous post, I routinely watch Fox shows on Hulu via Boxee.  I see all the Hulu ads when I do it, also.  Hulu provides a great service, but they’re really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

The irony is that if I watch Hulu on my browser – the ads are blocked by my add-on, Adblock Plus.  So, if you’re paying for an advertisement on Hulu and Hulu is blocking the best media center interface (your chance for your ad to appear on the big screen) you are losing lots of eyes on your product.  Seems to me that if anyone should be paying anyone it should be Zucker paying Avner for giving Hulu ads greater visibility.

Where do corporations find these guys?  Anyone on my block would have more sense than this.  (Okay, there might be one or two people on my block that wouldn’t.)  Avner, out of curiousity, have you thought about asking Conan to invest in Boxee?

Of the twenty-five series currently scheduled to record on my DVR, only two of them are NBC.  None of my stocks are NBC.

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