TV Tuners + XBMC?

Coming soon | XBMC.  Way down at the bottom of this news release is something that could be a game changer.   Two criticisms I have had of XBMC are 1) lack of A Boxee-style internet TV interface and, 2) it doesn’t play nicely with TV tuners.  It sounds like at least one of those needs may be addressed.

They state:  “PVR Frontend: Probably the most requested feature for XBMC. This will provide a unified experience to your choice of PVR backends such as: VDR, MythTV, Tvheadend, and MediaPortal TVserver.”

This would potentially bring live (and recorded) TV to the most beautiful media center out there.

With the right addons, the new Addons Manager might address my other criticism, but we’ll just have to wait and see.   Please let there be a Clicker plug-in that out Hulu-desktops Hulu Desktop, okay?

I’m excited to see the XBMC team moving forward because when it comes to handling local video files as well as scraping and editing metadata (the source of all those beautifully presented extras like fanart and synopses), nobody does it better.

I think I hear my Windows Media Center’s knees knocking together, but I can’t wait for the shoot-out.

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