Offshore Drilling is Safe?

It seems ironic that a Texan would not approve more offshore drilling, but the supposedly more environmentally sensitive current president has given the green light.  According to the AP “No oil appeared to be leaking from a drilling rig that exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard said Friday, though officials were trying to contain what spilled after the blast and prevent any threat to the coast’s fragile ecosystem.”  We ring our hands about nuclear power, but put our oceans and reefs at risk needlessly.  Does this make sense to anyone?

Even more bizarre, according to the NY Times the current moratorium on expansion will continue everywhere but off of the southeastern states.  Isn’t it a little late to be seeking revenge for the War Between the States?  After all the last authenticated Confederate soldier died in 1951 (and the last claimants in 1959).  Please, Mr. President, instead of feeding our oil addiction, I would encourage you to make a new Emancipation Proclamation – one that promises our emancipation from carbon fuel.

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