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A Week for Geeks

There were a lot of stories that caught my eye this week.  I’ve already touched on the Facebook Fiasco.  But, there was a lot more changing in our ever shifting geek landscape. Google Buzz Led by preeminent techies like Leo … Continue reading

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Facebook Unapologetic but Changed

Facebook | Making Control Simple.  Markie Markie Markie.  I love the I’m just a kid excuse.  Still no apology but I’m guessing that just isn’t in the Zuckerberg repertoire. In his blog today, Mark Zuckerberg has implemented the changes that … Continue reading

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New Facebook Privacy Controls

When the new privacy controls come out tomorrow for Facebook, I will be curious to see one thing. Will all my defaults be set to public as Facebook has done in the past when they’ve made these changes? Mark Zuckerberg … Continue reading

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Obama's Katrina?

How much worse can it get for the Gulf region? Nature strikes with Katrina and the government fails to adequately respond. BP fails to safely drill and once again the government sits on its hands. Will this be to the … Continue reading

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Google TV?

Google TV.  By now if you are a) as into tech as I am and b) as into media as I am, you may be nauseated by the amount of Apple-esque hype that has surrounded Google TV.  For those  of … Continue reading

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