"Let the Sea Resound"

As news sources like USA Today tout headlines like, “La. marshes damaged by oil, but surprisingly resilient” and Fox & Friends Sunday says its not the oil killing turtles but low oxygen in the water and ABC News likewise downplaying the environmental impact, voices speaking the truth are rarely heard.  As a Christian environmentalist, it is often difficult for me to accept that the church does not advance the biblical stewardship of earth’s resources better than we do.  So, I was very pleased to see this article in Christianity Today.  BP and the government we elected to oversee them both may have been negligent and it is understandable (though not good) that both entities want to back away from dealing with this disaster in a straight-forward manner.  BP has apparently called for reducing the resources working on the clean up and the current administration seems preoccupied with blaming the previous one.  I, for one, am thrilled to hear a voice from the church call us as a community to accountability and action.

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