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Internet Regulation?

Many news sources have reported that in polls Americans are against “internet regulation”.  My question is, what was the wording of the question in the poll?  The Rasmussen Poll used wording that was quite ambiguous about what was entailed in … Continue reading

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Nexus S

Just a quick note about the Nexus S.  I was a bit concerned that the contoured shape of Google’s new phone would make it impractical for riding in my front jeans’ pocket.  I stopped by the local Best Buy and … Continue reading

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Smart Santa

Some people are into tech for tech’s sake.  Let’s call them Geeks.  Some people use tech in much the same way they keep some simple tools handy in a kitchen drawer to conveniently pull out when necessary, but otherwise they … Continue reading

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Black and White

Black and white.  Yes or no.  On or off.  In or out.  Left or right.  Western culture appears to tip toward the binary.  Those closest to dealing with the binary every day (self-proclaimed geeks) carry this right into their technological … Continue reading

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