CES 2011 Non-News

Well, here’s what I haven’t heard so far.  There are a bunch of new phones with 4G.  Someone seems to have decided that 4.3″ is the best size for a premium phone.  I disagree.  It’s 4″.  There is no news I have heard of a 4″, 4G, dual-core, Corning Gorilla Glass, S-AMOLED, Google Voice Video Chat-enabled, Google labeled phone.  There is no news of a Google Nexus-like tablet demonstrating the pure tablety goodness of Honeycomb (Android 3.0).  I want my manufacturer-carrier goodies to be opt-in not crammed down my throat.   There is no announcement of Netflix on the new Boxee Box.  What CES news have you heard, that has you excited?

On the other hand, rumors are churning that Apple has something brewing for the end of this month.  Given the lack of Android good news (i.e. no tablet with unadulterated Honeycomb), I’m hoping for the iPad 2.  I’m also in the market for a new MacBook Pro.  Could that be what’s coming?  Hopefully, Cupertino will be less of a non-story than Las Vegas.

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