Android Evolves

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Great.  Verizon finally gets the iPhone and it’s too late for me.  Android has its hooks into me big time.  I love just talking into my phone to perform a search or start navigating to a destination (Google Voice Actions). Today they announced their update to the Google Translate app. That’s the app ripped out of the space ship Enterprise. You speak into it in English and it speaks out in Spanish (or vice versa).

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I’m into music and looking forward to trying the new Android Vevo app, but Google announced today that Vevo will also be incorporated into their already impressive YouTube app. I’m not excited about the midroll ads, but I am looking forward to keeping the music going while checking out the available info on the artist.

Not that there is anything wrong with the Verizon iPhone. I loved my iPhone and appreciate iOS. I’m just having too much fun with my Android phone to give it up.

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