2010 Best New Stuff


Since I already shared what tech I enjoyed using the most in 2010, I thought I would also share what I think the best new tech was in 2010. (Heah, better late than never, right?) Commenters: What did I miss?

  1. Amazon Kindle 3 – Amazon did better than designing a better mousetrap.  They designed a better book.
  2. Apple iPad – Your grandmother never even knew a tablet computer existed.  Now, she wants one (and so do your kids).
  3. Netflix streaming – a beautiful new way to waste time, now with movies from Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM (as of 2010)
  4. Nexus S – Pure Googley goodness.
  5. Apple MacBook Air – Reborn as a netbook (despite Apple’s disclaimer), the Air is rarefied and heavenly.
  6. Android Voice to Text | Dragon Dictation – Keyboard?  I don’t need no stinkin’ keyboard.
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab – Android’s flag planted in the tablet space
  8. Angry Birds – Happy gamers
  9. Microsoft Kinect – not only is big brother watching you, he wants to play
  10. Windows Phone 7 – Raising the question of whether Microsoft actually can make a comeback as a dominant smartphone OS
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