Xoom Treated Unfairly

Is anyone else getting miffed about people comparing the $800 Xoom to the $499 iPad? Is $800 too much? Probably. But a 32GB + 3G forever iPad is $729. The 32GB Xoom with 3G upgradeable to 4G is $800. So it is $70 more than the equivalent iPad. What does one get for those 70 dollars? Front and rear facing cameras that can be used to video chat in Google or shoot HD movies, a dual core processor, a slot for up to an additional 32GB of storage, HDMI out,  Flash (although there are rumors that Flash may not be activated until spring), and a higher pixel density display.  I hate that it costs so much, but I can’t deny that fairly compared to the iPad, the Xoom looks like a solid value.  Now if only Android had Netflix and Hulu, I’d be seriously tempted.

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