XBMC Pipeline

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XBMC, the little black dress that makes your HTPC look sexy, is laying the groundwork for future development. Their latest post details the nuts and bolts. But it is future features that keep those of us in the end-user category on the edge of our theater seats.

I’m not willing to jailbreak my wife’s iPad, even if I could ever get my fingers on it. But XBMC on the iPad looks very inviting and they are continuing to develop tools so that “skinners” can enhance the touch interface with XBMC. It isn’t clear whether this will translate into touch screen computers.

One topic that keeps XBMC users constantly on the edge of confusion is the relationship between File and Library views. XBMC is working to unify those two making the interface more intuitive.

We love our XBMC and can’t wait to see what they deliver next.

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