Amazon Versus Netflix

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Are you an Amazon addict? You can admit it to me. I’m one, too. In fact, I’m a Prime member because I just can’t wait to see that smiley box on the front porch.

Well, if quick delivery and stellar customer service aren’t enough, how about a Netflix-challenging video streaming service added in for free?

Starting today if you pay for your Prime membership, Amazon is throwing in free video streaming. This is the coolest thing to happen to movie watching since Netflix added surround sound to their PS3 app.

I won’t be cutting off my easy-peasy Netflix service just yet. I think Netflix just witnessed a guerrilla entering their territory, however.

As a side note, family members who share your Prime membership will have to pay up on their own to enjoy this new service )-: Also, their library is limited to about 5,000 titles according to the Amazon splash page.

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