iPad 2 + Steve

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Steve comes back to present the killer new iPad 2. Here I am waiting for the G-Slate, when “boom” the iPad 2 comes and just turns my thinking upside down. Front-facing camera? check. Rear-facing camera? check. And yawn. Just catch up, right?

But is Stevie done? You bet he isn’t. How about video editing? photo booth? and most fantabulous of all, GARAGE BAND!!! Yes, I can torture people with my music portably now. Awwweeesssoommmeee. There were some nice music apps already, but Garage Band? It is off the hook.

Now admittedly you still need an adapter for an SD card, but, you now can wirelessly sync with iTunes. No more DavDrop + dropbox required.

Waiting to hear back from @bytemarks whether the videoconferencing on Skype is working well. I don’t have anyone to FaceTime with, so I really need/want Skype or Google videoconferencing.

That Steve Jobs. Just when I think I’m out . . .

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