Mine All Mine – iPad 2

Anyone who knows me in the least, knows that I analyze the crap out of my gadget purchases.  Ever since last year when I bought Joy’s iPad, I have been shopping for a new tablet for myself.  At the time I had an iPhone 3GS, and wanted something other than an iOS tablet.  Little did I know that HP was going to cancel the slate that was expected to be released in June 2010.  I really dig the Samsung Galaxy Tab but was a little hesitant about it because it didn’t operate on an OS designed for tablets.  Several months later, HTC is coming out with the Flyer but it still won’t be on Honeycomb.

When Google did finally come out with Honeycomb, it was okay.  But after waiting over a year, Honeycomb, as seen on the Xoom, was underwhelming.  Google failed to make the code available to developers so what one could do with Honeycomb was severely limited.  There just aren’t many Android Honeycomb apps available.

The Blackberry Playbook looks quite promising but is reported not to be able to run Android apps until an update to the firmware scheduled for sometime in the summer.  That leaves a pretty pitiful number of apps available.

So, despite many tablets having better hardware specifications, I have elected to purchase an iPad 2.  The user interface and plethora of awesome apps simply left me little option but to go with iOS if I wanted to have fun in the tablet space.  And so, without further ado, here is the video of my tablet unboxing.


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