Nook Color 2?

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Our friends over at Engadget are reporting that the Nook Color is going to move more deeply into the tablet space (as opposed to the ereader space). The bottom line being that the new Nook Color (Nook Color 2?) will have both flash and apps. Since it runs on an Android OS, the report is certainly credible.

In fact, the Nook Color is quite popular as a cheap Android tablet that becomes pretty fully featured with a little hacking (TechRepublic and NookDevs).

Why do I care? The only thing that stood between me and the Barnes & Noble Nook Color (rooted) was that it lacks a GPS. Google Navigation is one of the primary reasons I love Android. Lose that and you pretty much lose me. But the Nook Color is what I consider to be the ideal form factor for a personal tablet. The 7″ screen, 8.1″ x 5″ 0.48″ size, and 15.8 ounce weight, combine to provide an optimally portable tablet that just feels good in one’s hands. The build quality is as good as any.

Now, if all you want is an email reading, web surfing, angry birds playing, tablet, the new Nook Color really should merit a look-see.

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4 Responses to Nook Color 2?

  1. avatar Renee says:

    I just bought a nook color. Can you tell me where I can find a good screen protector?


  2. avatar Tom Long says:

    Maybe someone else can help with that. The only thing I hear from people using screen protectors is cussing as they try to get the bubbles out from under the protector (;

  3. avatar York Rial says:

    They have quite a few screen protectors on these days. Personally I find a tablet doesn’t really need one since your not putting it in your pocket all the time.

    I did purchase an anti-glare screen protector for my nook color from a company called caseen. It was pretty easy to install, and I had little to nil bubbles. Just make sure you install in a clean place and prep your nook well! I got from here:

  4. avatar Mimi says:

    well umm i was thinking of purchasing this thingie and i was wondering several things

    -wen on the wifi, does facebook and youtube showup as it would on the computer?

    -does this thing have a memory card slot?

    -does it break easy?

    -if i have ebooks from another source can i still get them on it?

    please reply, thank you πŸ™‚

    (btw im 16)

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