iPad Boxee App – Whee!

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No, it isn’t April 1, so I think this is really true. Boxee just made my iPad 2 even more exciting. Now, I can enjoy Boxee goodness without that huge clunky old laptop. All the Boxee features I love appear to be here. I can watch the videos my friends post and other internet videos. Really cool is I can stream local video from my Boxee enabled computers to my iPad. They’re even experimenting with implementing AirPlay. Wow, I don’t have to jailbreak my iPad to make this work, either. Hurray!

So, what’s not to love? We’re still saddled with the Boxee editors’ recommended videos. I didn’t want to see that on my TV and I don’t want to see that on my iPad. Please Avner, give me an option to remove “Featured” videos.

Way to go team Boxee! If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you’re ready to click over and download that app. See ya.

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