XBMC on MacBook Pro

Little did I know when I bought my little MacBook Pro 13 that I would end up watching so much video on it. But since I do, I decided to give it the same love I give my HTPC, XBMC love.

XBMC, for anyone who doesn’t already know, describes itself as a “software media player and entertainment hub for digital media”. I might describe it as software to make accessing my media both beautiful and convenient. As you can see from the screenshot, XBMC is beautiful. And if you don’t like this “skin” or theme, you can pick one more suited to your own taste. You can also see that there is a list of episodes in the season on the right and a brief description of the selected episode on the left. If you’ve watched any of the episodes there is a tick beside it in the list. Pretty convenient when one is attempting to decide what to watch next.”

I’ve already posted about using filebot to rename TV show videos you’ve recorded, ripped, or otherwise procured. If you have named your TV shows using filebot and sorted them properly into folders, XBMC can scrape the art and descriptions you see in this shot from the internet. You do nothing but “oooh” and “aaahhh”. Left to your own devices, you could figure all this out, but why should you? Just watch the video below and then give XBMC a whirl. Watching movie and TV videos doesn’t get any better than this.”

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