Learn Something New

How does an old man feel as young as I feel? Last year it was ballroom dancing. I have attempted to learn something new throughout my life. This year I’m working on upping my photo game. It’s been wonderful. As someone who has taught both mechanical engineering and humanities at the college level, photography scratches many of my itches.  I love it when I get scratched under my tech ear and my aesthete ear at the same time.

It isn’t that I’m new to photography.  When I was a teenager, I took my old pre-sideswiped Ford F100 pickup on day long outings to do nothing but shoot pictures and pick wildflowers for my Mom.  She let me use her Keystone camera to shoot slides and prints.  I even turned my closet into a darkroom so I could develop black and white prints myself.

I loved capturing images but I wasn’t aware of the resources to really understand what it was that I was trying to do. (Yes, children, there was a time before Google was invented.)

I fully intend to do a series of videos covering ways a casual shooter can improve their photographs by understanding the principles the pros use with their high falutin’ expensive equipment.

I don’t think Peter West Carey, Trey Ratcliff, or Lisa Bettany are trembling in their shoes from fear of a great new teacher on the scene. The only thing I can hope to bring to the table is this. Up until recently I didn’t have a clue so I know what it feels like when teachers assume you know the difference between focal length and focus distance. Plus, I just love this stuff and I’m excited to share it with other people.

If you really can’t wait, to learn more (waiting is not my thing either), check out this great series at Lifehacker.

Lifehacker Night School:  The Basics of Photography

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