Live TV on XBMC

Look, if you have a Hauppauge tuner, WinTV, and Orb, you can watch live TV on XBMC in just a few minutes.

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3 Responses to Live TV on XBMC

  1. avatar Mark says:

    Thank you for all your videos and help with this subject. Can and how do I watch live sports using XBMC & ORB?

    Thanks Mark

    • avatar Tom Long says:

      Once you’re hooked up to ORB as shown in the video, tune to the channel with the sports event you’d like to watch.

  2. avatar cdonner says:

    It appears that Orb no longer supports local UPNP connectivity:
    In the Orb control panel, I cannot configure the TV tuner without adding an Orb live account. Once I add my account, “require a password to access library …” is checked automatically and cannot be unchecked.
    The setup finds all the channels, but none appear in XBMC, and when I try to connect to the UPNP device with Windows Media Player, it gives me the error “The remote media library did not allow the connection”. It obviously wants me to authenticate, but neither WMPlayer nor XBMC have a way to provide credentials.
    I can stream TV from, but that’s not what I want.
    I tried Orb 2.0 which does not have this issue, but the installer only listed analog channels and while I was able to connect, I could not get a TV stream from it.
    Uninstalled Orb. Wasted 3 hours.

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